Merve Çanakçı

Merve Çanakçı generally creates her works using mixed media on fabric. Her starting point is the state of the human mind whilst trying to overcome obstacles; coping with fears and struggling with decision making. Her working technique can change according to the requirements of the projects but she usually works on large scale printed, found, used or defective fabrics. Although dealing with specific moods is the main theme of her projects, wild life and nature are highly influential on her artwork.
Çanakçı also uses other techniques such as photography, stitching and installation in her works, but mostly she prefers using fabric, as she feels when the patterns, defects and stains on the fabrics come together with texture and structure, the images she creates provide a new dimension for storytelling; A new dimension where the subjects of her art can express themselves freely with all their flaws.
Merve Çanakçı was born in 1982 in Ordu, Turkey. She got her bachelor degree in painting in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She took parts in group exhibitions and performances in Istanbul and Washington. Artist, currently lives and works in Germany.