Burcu Gökçek

Gökçek is interested in the aesthetics of the momentary. “Where is the place that is neither inside nor outside of me?” she asks by way of the strange moments into which she imprisons herself. “I research the relationship between mind, body and spirit. I create situations where I use myself as an experiment and a mediator,” she says.
Gökçek alienates herself from objects, people and environments she is familiar with. She uses symbols to help her in her videos: The slippery, ever-changing, illusive composition of a fish beckoning the memory; a bar of soap melting away; the traces of inner cleansing and purification becoming meditative.
Gökçek focuses on a space which opens up at the point where movement loses its meaning. An in-between space where the artist stands, focuses on and observes the moment. It points towards space and perspective. Towards the frozen state of a movement, a state where it can only find life by means of repetition.
Gökçek brings together the two halves of her inner self, her brain, her body, and her consciousness. Her drawings called “Man” which she drew with both hands as single pieces are an experiment of the boundaries of the mind, which represents feelings and common sense. In her video “A Tea Monologue” she meets herself at both ends of the same table, engaging a dialogue within herself, reflecting the complexity of being one.
Gökçek emphasizes that one can deepen the way into his inner self by various methods of association and alienation. Not by way of stories but by way of certain movements.
Born in 1979 in Ankara, Burcu Gökçek graduated from Pratt Institute of New York Department of Fine Arts and Painting and received a special showing at the 2003 New York Film Festival for her video installation “A Tea Monologue”. She lives and works in Istanbul.