onur gülfidan

onur gülfidan

artSümer is pleased to present Onur Gülfidan’s new solo exhibition “Born in Heaven”. Gülfidan, who is known to present conflicting elements together, such as past and future, technology and nostalgia to create new compositions, focuses on the stages of life for this exhibition. Gülfidan looks at the relationship of human beings with the world, and allows us to reconsider the cyclicality of the fictional stages of “coming into the world, life on the earth, leaving the world and promised heaven.”

In today’s virtualized way of living, people create a heaven-like world through social media applications. An ideal life, as a heaven, is generated by combining fragments of desired worlds. Let us call them our “museums of innocence”. Similarly, Onur Gülfidan creates his fiction by bringing together fragments from different worlds in his paintings.

Whether it is the scale of the images or the differences in time and era combined on one canvas, the spectators witness a certain existence in Gülfidan’s works. As one character is annihilated, another advances. The past, present and future tenses interwoven to each other have an authentic meaning system and narration. As for the common characteristics of the works, it would be appropriate to use the expression “gives everything, affirms nothing”, by Albert Camus referring Franz Kafka’s works. All in all, Gülfidan invites viewers to question reality by showing it in different ways; where the ideal world -or heaven- is challenged, where utopia coexists with dystopia, where time is not linear and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Onur Gülfidan (1974, İstanbul) received his bachelor’s degree in painting from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2000 and his MFA in graphic design and painting at the same institution. Gülfidan opened his first solo exhibition at artSümer in 2009. His selected group exhibitions include; First Round (curated by Hakan Çarmıklı), Galata Greek Primary School, Istanbul (2018); Figure Out, Art Sawa, Dubai (2012); Realism Now, (curated by Marcus Graf), Plato Sanat (2012); If Nature is Heaven, The City is Hell, CerModern, Ankara (2011). He lives and works in Istanbul.