12.2 - 2.4.2016

Servet Cihangiroğlu, Hazal Ünsal, Saadet Çoşkun,
Baran Çağınlı, Belen Melşen Siperoğlu

Curated by Erdal Duman

This exhibition is hope for Zoe; playing a key role on the political scene; to remember its humanity and awaken to the decadence of social life, peace and happiness.

The basis of life for a creature is defined by its instinctive actions such as eating, drinking, reproduction and sheltering and this is often enough to describe a life without a goal or precondition. However, when that life belongs to a human being, we all expect more than that. Aristotle defines two categories of human beings living different lives. Zoe is the actor of simple life. On the other hand, Bios is social, expressive and finds meaning in life; so it mainly represents the good life. According to Aristotle, Zoe is the prerequisite for Bios and it needs neither politics nor the city to live. Zoe only has biological existence.

In today’s modern politics, the situation has changed. Zoe has moved to the city to become the center point of the political scene mainly due to the fact that modern politics needs quantitative majority that can easily be manipulated. Living spaces are no longer set by Bios preferring a better life, but through Zoe, who has no problem with living at bare minimums. Modern politics does not need Bios and its achievements for building spaces, production relations, capital and society. In time, Bios’ demands such as freedom, equality, democracy, peace, worker rights, women rights and minority rights do not mean anything to Zoe and its governing force.

The politics played upon Zoe’s biological existence and "silence", blocks all aspects of life and causes an increasing totalitarian attitude. Consequently, this causes the collapse of society, making the public space uninhabitable. Salvation lies in Zoe’s ability to see and to talk.

“ZOE”, an exhibition curated by Erdal Duman, will take place at .artSümer and include works by young artists, Servet Cihangiroğlu, Hazal Ünsal, Saadet Çoşkun, Baran Çağınlı and Belen Melşen Siperoğlu.