onur gülfidan

onur gülfidan

.artSümer is pleased to announce Onur Gülfidan’s solo exhibition titled Cherished Memories of Laughter, which brings together the artist’s recent works.

Onur Gülfidan’s delicately compiled compositions ironically address human nature, the social and political circumstances of the present time, and the bond we establish with popular culture. He combines the classical art education he has received with the influences of cinema, comics, animation and digital games that have shaped his visual perception since the 80s. His works explore the labyrinths of characters and time rather than the visible moments of daily life. Moments that appear innocent and childlike at first glance offer a critical view of a morally and culturally weakened social structure.

In Cherished Memories of Laughter, the artist’s practice manifests itself in a universe of intricate temporal-spatial relationships with characters who suddenly surface from the depths of memory. Opening the winding doors to the human mind, this universe reveals the power of moments and the fragility of memories in the routine flow of time. In an atmosphere of this timeless diffusion, the works invite the audience to both nostalgia and a critical perspective on the future.

At the center of the exhibition is a revelation that underscores the power of memories that are either consciously or unconsciously embedded in human memory. This discovery not only reflects a journey through time, but also reveals precious moments in life. While Gülfidan helps the audience to recall the breaking moments of their own lives, he also tries to show how past memories can embrace the present.

”Aren't some of the past moments and memories actually a brief journey of our minds through time? No matter where we are or what situation we are in, there are sudden moments when, for a while, we stand in front of that window in time and take a glimpse into our past life. And perhaps, we may feel the urge to connect to that special moment in the past with a bitter smile or a joyful sense of embracing. My works in this exhibition are a glimpse into these very moments, paintings of the short journeys we make to those moments, briefly interrupting our drift in life.” While these words reflect Gülfidan’s interpretation of Cherished Memories of Laughter, the exhibition examines the traces and effects of memories on the human mind and invites viewers to experience the power of these effects in a unique way.