gökçe er

gökçe er

'the things themselves'

17/04 - 14/06/2014

.artSümer is pleased to announce Gökçe Er’s third solo exhibition “The Things Themselves". Known with her paintings portraying introverted psychological states and their expansion, in this exhibition the artist thematizes collective consciousness and the perception of reality.

According to the artist, the events we face and the ways we perceive them are not crystal clear; as we try to lift the veil on facts, some “thing” still remains. The word “thing” obscures that which cannot be named by accepting to stand for it, and as such it too is a veil. Gökçe Er who references Edmund Husserl’s call, “Let’s return to the things themselves!” remarks that returning to the things themselves cannot come into question because we are already there. In yet uncertain processes where achieving evidence is difficult and interpretation will always come after-the-fact, the artist marks the time with works that present “things” as they are.

In “The Things Themselves” Gökçe Er, whom we remember from her exhibitions “Get Out” and “Ground Control” confronts us in the next phase of her artistic trajectory. Previously having constructed interconnected layers in her works with mixed technique, the artist here focuses on how the picture on distinct layers can differ. While in “Get Out” the artist was mainly concerned with the individual’s psyche and internal places bearing elements from externality, in the continuation of this process in “Ground Control” she looked at interpersonal relationships and social perceptions. Taking a more extroverted and critical stance in “The Things Themselves” the artist depicts collective impulses and sentiments that have been at work throughout history and that cannot be conveyed directly. The artworks, which present the data as is while evading clear definitions, suggest that evidence might be achieved through openness to interpretation.

Gökçe Er (born 1982, Çorlu-Turkey) studied painting in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and obtained her MFA degree in the same university in painting. Part of her Master’s education took place at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Italy. Gökçe Er lives and works in Istanbul.