serkan demir

serkan demir

"operation report"


.artSümer is proud to host Serkan Demir's first solo show after he joined the gallery.

In the exhibition “Operation Report” we encounter a text of confrontation where various intricate concepts like play and tension, life and imprisonment, and dream and nightmare are questioned in Serkan Demir’s works. This confrontation finds reality in the works of the artist featured in his production series titled ‘transformation’. Rendering visible the web of meaning through his interventions in ready-made objects, he uses speech and language in parallel with them. The physical change of objects undergoing metamorphosis is accompanied by the transformation of language and of meaning. With the destruction he inflicts on the first appearance of objects using this method, the artist melts the meaning within and traps it in his own discourse. He removes the object from its principal responsibility and hides it in the new text, searching for a psychological atmosphere of experience based on change. In this way, we witness him confront the viewer with reality through the relationship forged with people’s day-to-day experiences and sometimes with a child’s infinite world.

Attempting with “Operation Report” to summarize a list of his artistic production practice through his journals and observations, Serkan Demir emphasizes the concept of ‘confrontation’ with his works that remind us of how the political, religious, ideological, and social discontent existing in practice is handled. This confrontation is at the same time the confrontation of the humane and the inhumane, and a declarative state where we encounter traces of our interaction with the geography we inhabit and all its components. In an ironic language, we observe in this declaration all that we witness as humans and the phases of transformation of the artistic image.

“Operation Report” is a report of actions and of discourse. The artist has picked the title for the works out of his own area of operation, including his identity as an artist-educator with which he struggles for existence. It’s ironic if you will, in the sense that this is a report containing his recent artistic operations, as the person he has under investigation and to whom he presents this report is himself.

Serkan Demir was born in 1975 in Kahramanmaraş, Göksun. He graduated from Gazi University Department of Arts and Crafts Instruction in 1999 and completed his graduate degree in Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in 2003. The artist fulfilled the requirements for the Program of Competency in Art in 2009 at the same university and department, and still continues his studies as a teaching fellow at Abant İzzet Baysal University Faculty of Fine Arts.