ekin saçlıoğlu

ekin saçlıoğlu

.artSümer is happy to host Ekin Saçlıoğlu’s solo exhibition titled Fragmented between March 18 and May 6. This is her tenth solo exhibition and her first with the gallery.

The idea behind Fragments, pieces that are separated from a whole, that are left over or that make up the whole when they unite, gives way to different interpretations in Ekin Saçlıoğlu's works in this exhibition. The word finds its counterpart in the works, representing the struggle to position oneself in the course of a rapidly flowing time. It can refer to the things that split as a result of the dominant power of triggers, as well as structures that appear colorful yet uncanny.

The works in the exhibition contain dichotomies such as animate-inanimate, real-fictional, object-subject, nature-human, organic-inorganic, which frequently appear in Saçlıoğlu's practice. They reflect the artist's inner experience during the pandemic integrated with the phenomenon of “home”. In the paintings and sculptures where different materials come together to form hybrid textures, familiar but amorphous structures gain a new perspective. The geometric elements in the paintings and the colorful papier-mâché forms intertwined with used furniture, symbolically represent the artist herself and her family.

Along with the artist's non-anthropocentric perspective in the exhibitions These Are Not Fables, Children (2017) and The Earth's Remains and New Flowers (2018), combining different materials to form a structure, like in Strange Structures (2018), which included large scale drawings and sculptures, constitutes the formation phase of the works in Fragmented. The structures are dismantled and disintegrated into sediments, and the remaining parts come together again over time to form new integrities that are both familiar and different.

Ekin Saçlıoğlu works in different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing and installation using a rich variety of materials. Through new hybrid forms and thoughts that come together in Fragments, the artist continues to pursue her practice, in which she focuses on various dualities, inversions, memory, recollection, dreams, stories, animals, plants, and the relations between different species and environments.