.artSümer is pleased to host CANAN’s first solo exhibition at the gallery titled Vuslat.

In this inaugural solo exhibition at .artSümer, CANAN’s diverse artistic practice which spans a wide range, encompassing painting, photography, miniature, video, performance, and installation, navigates the realms of folktales and mythological narratives, drawing inspiration from personal and collective stories to reinterpret them through imagery. Focusing on images that derive meaning from nature, occasionally veering into the unsettling and at times encapsulating the definition of beauty, CANAN explores the cognitive, intuitive, and imaginative impacts these images create in our minds. The artist’s new body of work presents layers of symbols, materials, sounds, myths, and tales, offering a unique perspective on memory.

The title of the exhibition, Vuslat, eloquently captures the essence of reunion, unity, and coming together. Beyond its literal interpretation of reuniting with a loved one, the term unfolds into a rich tapestry of meanings, including the states of reaching freedom, happiness, and a carefree tranquility. Each artwork on display intertwines with these nuanced interpretations, encapsulating diverse desires and aspirations that every being wishes to attain throughout life.

Vuslat reflects an imaginative realm through grand-scale installations and sculptures adorned with fantastical and mythological characters and elements. Among the artworks, Şehretün’nar takes center stage with its captivating visage and narrative, reminiscent of the artist’s earlier sculptures crafted from tulle, fabric, sequins, and beads. Only this time it occupies a distinct position as a more magnificent installation with its size and lighting. In Islamic mythology, Şehretün’nar, a being created from light, is depicted as the mother of jinn. With thousands of faces expressing different emotions, Şehretün’nar unfolds a mesmerizing tale about the formation of nature, the existence of the divine, and the pursuit of life. The tale “Şehretün'nar”, written and performed by the artist, accompanies the artwork as an auditory complement. One of the works that is an inspiration for the exhibition’s title is the calligraphic sculpture, Vuslat. Inspired by the figure of “Burak” in Islamic mythology, this artwork symbolizes a reunion encompassing joy, happiness, and gratitude.

Synthesizing extraordinary characters from folktales and mythology along with natural creatures in new shapes and forms and in an authentic universe, Vuslat creates a unique and timeless narrative, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a captivating visual journey.