erdal duman

erdal duman

When the object is represented in a different way than the usual, it takes on a new definition. The image on the verge of reality creates a replica that constantly sabotages its original, distorts and disconnects with its own reality, giving way to the emergence of an image that is identical with the original yet metaphorically transformed in terms of meaning.

When images replace reality, human consciousness moves to a different angle. Hence it is impossible to conceive reality at this space between the situation itself and its conceptualization. The indicator that emerges in that interim leads the mind astray, superseding the sight. When we think about the images of the recent Gulf War, we can draw the same conclusion: In fact Baudrillard underlined this by saying “Gulf War did not take place”. Rather than a war that caused the death of thousands of people, the assumption referred by this sentence is the question if those images that we watched were real. Even the question if all that has happened was a construct, cannot find its reality. Everything is there for the world to see yet dissimulated perfectly.

Erdal Duman borrows the shapes of the objects that represent violent and tragic realities, and he rebuilds them. These false ammunitions conceal their true existence while reflecting the false reality of the other. In fact, in contradiction to their defective reality, they manifest a more complete reality by showing their existence in their absence.

Erdal Duman’s sculptures are as permeable as the images of war. Looks pass through them without touching anything, as if they were camouflaged by space. Space appears to be another component of these sculptures, where the meaning is hidden. Space refers to the identical yet unseen and undisclosed part of reality. Still these objects are glamorous and bright with neon colors to catch our glances. They are as ravishing as war instruments. Because they are alienated from reality and their meanings are camouflaged.

Born in 1976 in Germany, Erdal Duman obtained his BFA in Sculpture in 2002 in Hacettepe University in Ankara, and completed his MFA from the same institution in 2007. In 2011 he opened his first solo show, "Ammunition" at artSümer. He is a member (founder) of an artist initiative- Yaygara in Ankara. He currently lives and works in Ankara.