contemporary istanbul 2011

contemporary istanbul 2011

.artSümer introduces new artists for Contemporary Istanbul 2011.
During the 6th Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair .artSümer will be located at booth No LK 303 with both current artists as well as new names. The fair will take place between 24-27 November 2011 at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Some of the artists showing at artSümer for the first time are: Basim Magdy from Egypt who participated in many international museum shows as well as a residency at Garanti Platform in 2010; Burcu Gökçek who graduated summa cum laude from New York University and whose video installation “a tea monologue” received a special showing at the 2003 New York Film Festival; Tayfun Serttaş who is the researcher/artist of the “Foto Galatasaray” exhibition due to open on 22 November 2011 at Salt Galata and the artist Merve Çanakçı who lives in Berlin.

These artists will enrich the artSümer booth for the first time this year with diverse works. Basim Magdy plays on the expectations of viewers by showing the characters and events he has created in an unusual light; Tayfun Serttaş explores the experimental relationship between social sciences and contemporary art by creating installations using drawings and video; Burcu Gökçek researches the relationship between the body, soul and brain by creating “situations” within two wall installations in which she plays the role of guinea pig; Merve Çanakçı combines complicated techniques with fabric in her quest to explore the ways we cope with fear and the reactions of our psyche to our decisions during this process.

artSümer’s established artists will be partaking in the fair with recent works.
Gözde İlkin questions the identities of figures she creates using stitching and paint on fabric and explores their conduct within their social life; Damla Faro establishes a relationship between fables and real life by creating an unusual and forgotten sense of reality with her touched up photographs and installations; Onur Gülfidan criticizes the system by combining childish images which have shaped his own visual perceptions over the years with individuals who have been isolated within a world of technology and pessimism; Ceren Oykut uses the medium of drawing on walls or paper to create new metropolitan chronicles comprised of the images within contemporary Istanbul life; Gökçe Er uses different techniques on canvas to create diverse interiors for her figures in which she isolates them from their reality thus attempting to demonstrate a new sense of space for the viewer; İnci Furni uses patterns and acrylic to create a new dimension by using her imagination to mix together every type of object, person, situation and space she comes across; Erdal Duman questions the concepts of to be or not to be, and being seen or being camouflaged through his sculptures made of metal rods and painted in neon colours.

This year, the artSümer booth will offer the opportunity to viewers to catch the spirit of a rising generation of artists .