gökçe er

gökçe er

artSümer holds the second solo show of Gökçe Er, “ground control”. This time, the figures trapped inside spaces (in her first solo show “get out!”) are out! Out in estranged environments. Er turns the space inside out; she creates characters trapped within and without, between the top and the bottom, like an abrupt creation. Gökçe Er freezes the slipperiness of the ground within the time frame of the picture. The human body freezes within the body of a tree, earth within water, a breeze within the weave of fabric Surreal spaces where the person questions her whereabouts, where she forgets and remembers, where she dives into water and holds her breath. Figures are in a bizarre state mirrored by their expressionless faces, distant from themselves in a space where they are unable to meet with each other due to a disheveled perspective.

The spaces Er creates on paper and canvas intertwine with each other like humans and nature, losing their individual grounds. There are different techniques Gökçe Er uses to intensify this feeling. More than one ground level rises vertically on her paintings: Entangled forests, swimming pools, deserts, seas, darkness ripped out of dreams and tropical greens reaching out for their roots. The artist uses familiar objects like duvets, curtains or umbrellas to consolidate the various surfaces of the painting, piling many unrelated spaces on top of one another. In her work titled “What will you do with my happiness?”, Gökçe Er cuts the fabric to open up a sky for a girl with sunglasses In “Small Pool Problem”, she creates a current of hot red stains with the inside of a duvet.

Gökçe Er asks in the manner of Žižek’s looking awry “When we create a hallucination, could reality also be a hallucination itself?” How can a stain be reached when seen through an askew vision? The figures want to rise up and take hold of the canvas like trees with invisible roots coming out of a grate. It is as if the work “Fig Tree” within this exhibition speaks on behalf of all the other figures of the artist; as an unstoppable growing and overflowing stain on the ground.

What Er is searching for is an upside down road map leading to identity. Her characters are in spaces that have changed places, divided and familiar; they are alone, even when together.
“Ground Control” questions the bearings of a person. The show can be seen at artSümer as of May 10th.

Gökçe Er
Gökçe Er who was born in Çorlu in 1982 graduated summa cum laude from the Department of Painting of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She completed her post graduate studies in 2009 at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna Department of Painting and at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Painting simultaneously. Her works have been shown in such diverse countries as Korea, Azerbaijan, Moldavia and Italy as parts of projects and group showings. She lives and works in Istanbul.