onur gülfidan

onur gülfidan

"sleight of hand"

2 April - 9 May 2015

.artSümer is proud to host Onur Gülfidan’s fifth solo show, ‘Sleight of Hand’.

Gülfidan, whom we know for the elements that come together in his paintings and initially have us pause as we try to figure out their relationship, deals this time with deceiving and being deceived, with no longer being able to read what seems normal. Sleight of hand is a two-way street. Just as it evokes practicality, it also evokes play and deceives the audience.

‘Max Ernst paints a garden. When he has finished the picture, he sees that he has forgotten to paint a tree. He immediately has the tree cut down.’ *

Remarking, ‘in these days when we are being made to forget how we are governed, when we have automatized our choices, when we often experience the feeling of being “cheated” materially and spiritually, as an artist I put that tree in the picture and erase everything else. And this while I pull off the tablecloth without knocking anything over,’ Gülfidan leaves little doors that hint against being hopeless.

(Quote: Cool Memories III, Jean Baudrillard. Verso, p.67)

Born in 1974 in Istanbul, Onur Gülfidan graduated from the painting department of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 2000 and received his Master’s in graphic design and painting from the same institution. The artist had his first solo show in artSümer in 2009, and continues to live and work in Istanbul.