'artists pick artists'

'artists pick artists'

artists pick artists
1.12.2016 – 14.1.2017

artSümer is delighted to host the new edition of “artists pick artists” where each gallery artist selects an artist new to the gallery.

Mickey Pasha (2016) is Onur Gülfidan’s new work where he as usual satirizes the pop culture, cartoons and the controversy of it all in today’s real world. His guest is caricaturist Erdil Yaşaroğlu’s Boxing Bunny (2016).

Erdal Duman, artSümer’s sculptor, takes part in the exhibition with his glass tube wall writing with water inside, Nature Will Takes It Course (2016). The work depicts the dilemma of control mechanisms and the flow of life. Deniz Aktaş, the guest of Erdal Duman, uses migration, memory and city as subject matter in his elaborate ink drawings on paper.

Guest Şafak Şule Kemancı undertakes homoeroticism and co-existence of different species as subject using a very fragile technique, under glass painting. The similarity of the visual language with her host Gözde İlkin is apparent. İlkin participates with her new body of work, drawings on paper that are dyed with natural herbs.

With her work SGK*, gallery artist Yasemin Özcan exhibits a vacuumed book titled “Poor Kids Who Became Famous”**. To depict the rationale of producing as an artist with no social security, should we open the cover of this book?
Vahit Tuna is the guest of Yasemin Özcan with his installation, Rooms of Life, the A4-sized posts on the front facade of the gallery. Based on room advertisements found on the streets of Istanbul, the installation made of posts evokes the new life hopes abroad with the lowest level of viability.

Gallery artist Serkan Demir’s new metal sculpture, Warm-up Exercises, tackles the self-destruction of a notion referring to after-effects of social traumas. His guest, painter Mustafa Duymaz depicts the de-identification of cities hence alienation in his virtual-game-like painting.

The guest work from Sinan Logie’s Fluid Structures series is an abstract black and white work on paper where he explores action and trace. An installation by his host Serra Behar is prayer beads from different religions/belief systems inside an antique first aid chest. She questions first aid, healing and support mechanisms in her untitled work.

* SGK = Social Security System
** Poor Kids Who Became Famous (Meşhur Olan Fakir Çocuklar)-Mehmet Aydın / Anten Publishing House, 1967