'the sun is still there'

'the sun is still there'

18.5 – 30.6.2018

Organized by Eda Gecikmez & Sevil Tunaboylu

Ferah Doğan / Eda Gecikmez / Erkin Gören / Selen Hayal / Ata Kam / Ekin Kano
Nadine El Khoury / Uluç Ali Kılıç / Oddviz / Mert Öztekin / Elçin Poyraz / Sevil Tunaboylu

.artSümer is pleased to present the group exhibition, “The Sun Is Still There”, organized by Eda Gecikmez and Sevil Tunaboylu from 18 May until 30 June. Works from diverse disciplines ranging from photography and painting to digital drawing and audio installation are included.

In the book titled The Mushroom At The End of The World, anthropologist Anna Tsing researches possibilities of survival within the inherited capitalist ruins through the ecology of the Matsutake mushroom. This mushroom is the only known living organism to have survived the aftermath of Hiroshima. Inspired by the unruly nature of this miraculous mushroom, Tsing comes up with the notion of Third Nature; survival, in spite of the failing systems which constantly strive to control world order, in other words, capitalism. There is no single option, but variable futures; a collective entity formed via intersections of open-ended assemblages accompanied by the temporary rhythm of beings, human-nonhuman.

The works in this exhibition are created around this miraculous natural occurrence and aim to discover what lies within today when civilization is almost in decay. Inspired by a song title from Büyük Ev Ablukada, “Güneş Yerinde (The Sun Is Still There)” comprises a circumstance where collectivity and cooperation is supported through an entanglement with songs and poetry. With the hope of provoking a thought of “being”, the exhibition as a whole aims to create a range of viewpoints from which the viewer will intake what he finds relevant. Proposing a redefinition of our surroundings and environment for new forms of living, “The Sun Is Still There” suggests a need to seize the day for the creation of the future.